Eliada Farms

Welcome to Eliada Farms!

This is the home of Eliada’s many farming projects on our 320 acre campus.

Eliada began farming in the early 20th century when the agency was an orphanage supporting hundreds of children in need of a safe, loving home. The staff and youth of Eliada farmed and fed themselves from the land. As Eliada evolved over time, the farming activities slowly came to a halt.

Today, Eliada has returned to our farming roots. We believe in sustaining and being good stewards of our land. We believe in feeding our children healthy, nutritious food.  We believe in providing hands-on learning opportunities for students. And we believe we can ensure Eliada’s sustainability through the 21st century by generating new revenue, engaging with our local community, and participating in our local economy.

YOU are key to Eliada Farms success! You can support our farm and the children at Eliada by purchasing our produce, meat, and other farm stand products!


Upcoming Farm Sales

Eliada had our first Farm Sale April 14th where we sold our campus-raised pork.

Since we closed the Corn Maze to guests at the end of October, Eliada has raised pigs in the corn field.  The pigs ate the corn along with food scraps from Eliada’s kitchen, helping our agency-wide initiative to be more sustainable. The pigs were humanely raised in our corn pasture, and they also helped turn the soil, prepping the field for another year of aMAZEing fun.

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What does Eliada Farms include?

Eliada Farms currently includes a geodesic grow dome that will be used for hydroponic produce production to feed Eliada’s kids. The dome will also serve as a learning lab that teachers can use on a daily basis. The exterior of the dome will include raised garden beds, outdoor seating, and native plants, creating a beautiful and therapeutic escape.

As the farm expands, we will keep you up to date on all our farming activities! Plans are currently in the works for high tunnels and dirt farming. This will lead to more opportunities to support Eliada through purchase of our produce! Make sure to get on our Eliada Farms mailing list to be the first to know about all upcoming Farm Sales!

Learn more about Eliada Farms and our goal of sustainability


Want to learn more about Eliada Farms? Want to partner?

Please contact: Frank Taylor, Chief Business Development Officer, (828) 254-5356 Ext. 380 or ftaylor@eliada.org

Thank you

Thank you to our partners for their investment in Eliada Farms!











Rite Aid Foundation
CarePartners Foundation
Beverly Hanks
Four Seasons Garden Club
Friends of the Earth Garden Club
Appalachian Singlefoot Horse Breed Association
And contributions from many kind individuals!