Key Priorities and Initiatives

Campus Farm Program

To serve the whole child, Eliada is expanding services to focus on nutrition, food literacy, and STEM education.

To ensure Eliada kids eat healthy food every day, Eliada has started farming. To expand farming operations and grow more produce, Eliada seeks operational support.

Therapeutic Animal Program

To best serve the mental health needs of all Eliada youth, Eliada is enhancing the therapeutic experience. 

Our therapeutic animal program plays a key role in helping children and youth build healthy relationships and build trust with Eliada staff, their families, and those around them. This program is 100% privately funded, and covers everything from staff expenses to veterinary care for the animals.

Workforce Development Program

To address the needs of youth aging out of systems of care like adolescent behavioral health programs or foster care, Eliada is expanding our workforce development program to serve 50 youth annually.

Eliada Students Training for Advancement (ESTA)

This program trains and equips students 16 to 22 years old who have been through the foster care and mental health system overcome significant barriers to independence. Youth leave the program “go-ready” with entry level employment, post-secondary education, independent living skills, 21st-century workplace skills, and a clear career pathway.  

An investment in Eliada is an investment in changing the lives of Eliada’s children and youth.  For more information, please call Tara Campuzano at (828) 254-5356, ext. 300, or email her at .