Watch a Video and Meet Eliada Kids

Meet Nancy and her daughters as they share their story of resilience during the pandemic!



Meet Jeanette and learn how Eliada helps young moms find housing, work, and child care.

Meet Keith and his mom Cherie. Keith struggled in school before Day Treatment. Now he won most improved student in his 2nd grade class!

Meet D and her foster moms. Since filming this video D’s adoption has gone through and the family is ecstatic!

Meet Kevin and learn about the experience of a young person in a treatment program. Kevin connected to art and the experience of creating art made him feel a sense of freedom.

Brianna was in Eliada’s Day Treatment program. She connected to a special horse named Ali. Learn about the power of Eliada’s equine therapy program in this video.

Meet Chris and Terrell who found a sense of home in Eliada’s workforce development program for older youth.

Learn about Eliada Farms and our support from the Community Foundation of WNC

Meet Kay, Abby, and their whole family!

Check out Saul in After School

Learn about an amazing Foster Care story

Get to know Manny in Child Development

Check out Aniya’s experience in Day Treatment

Meet Roy, an Eliada Alumni