Eliada’s Minibike Program Holds Barrel Race Competition

0101Eliada’s National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) program will host the agency’s first-ever barrel race competition on Friday, December 2. Beginning at 1:00 pm, ten high-achieving NYPUM students will compete for trophies as they put their minibike racing skills to the test.”The race will essentially be like barrel racing with horses, only we use dirt bikes,” said NYPUM Coordinator Kristy Eubanks. “The students have been preparing for weeks and the progress they’ve made is really impressive.”

Supported by Honda Motor Company, NYPUM began in 1969 as a way to engage youth and promote positive development. Today, there are 46 chapters of the program operating in urban, suburban, and rural communities from Los Angeles to Boston. Eliada’s NYPUM program is one of the strongest in the country. In fact, Eliada CEO Mark Upright was recently appointed to the National Board of Directors for NYPUM.

The heart of the NYPUM program centers around rewarding positive choices with the opportunity to ride a minibike. As students learn bike safety, basic maintenance, and bike control, they are motivated to build self-confidence and achieve individualized academic and behavioral goals. Particularly for youth who do not respond to sports or traditional youth programming, NYPUM can be an effective and exciting tool to achieve success.

According to Eliada CEO Mark Upright, “Time after time, I hear from our students that participation in NYPUM was a pivotal turning point in their lives. It’s such a unique program that can be incredibly meaningful for young people. As students discover strengths and gifts through NYPUM, they are able to build a positive self-image from which future success can grow.”

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