Join us at our annual Alumni Reunion

Saturday May 20th, Eliada is hosting a reunion of alumni, staff, parents, and foster families.

This annual get together includes ample opportunities for fellowship among alumni.

Current youth attending Eliada’s programs have the opportunity to meet and share stories with older alumni.

Families in Child Development, current and former foster families, and Eliada staff old and new are also invited to join in on the fun.

The annual reunion is an opportunity to share stories and experiences that help us all better understand the impact Eliada has had on the lives of individuals and families in our region.

Saturday’s activities include a large BBQ from noon-2pm in the gymnasium with the whole Eliada family, and a small silent auction to help raise money for the Eliada Alumni Association.

Has Eliada impacted your life or the life of someone close to you? Come join us in friendship and fellowship this May!

To RSVP to the reunion, please contact the Eliada Alumni President, Nancy Moore at (828) 778-0068.

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