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For more information, contact:

Tonia Reed, Program Manager

(828) 259-5374
(828) 254-5356 ext 349

Tracey McCrain, Director of Child Development

(828) 259-5374
(828) 254-5356 ext 336

A letter from the Child Development Director to Parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Eliada Child Development Center!  We are one of the many community based services provided by Eliada.

The staff and I like to think of Eliada as a place where loving and learning go hand in hand…a place where all children and adults are accepted and valued…a place where smiles and laughter are contagious and are echoed when you walk out the door.

I am especially proud of Child Development’s Teaching staff.  Chosen for their knowledge and experience in child development as well as their commitment to emphasizing the positive, useful and fun experiences of learning, they are the spirit, faith and strength of our program.

It is our role, to not only teach, but to ensure the safety and well being of all of the children entrusted to our care.  Please take the time to read through our website carefully and ask any questions you may have. Our doors are always open.


Tracey McCrain, MBA
Director of Child Development

Fees for Service

At Eliada, we strive to offer affordable daycare, after-school, and summer camp opportunities for working families. We accept Buncombe County vouchers, and give parents much more than even the most expensive private facilities. Buncombe County Subsidy does not cover the full rate of care so there is an additional monthly fee for some of the age groups.

Pre-School Rates  Private Pay Subsidy
Day Care Registration Fee $50.00
0 – 23 months $185.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $45.00 per month
24 – 36 months $160.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $51.00 per month
36 months – 5years $150.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $48.00 per month
NC Pre-K wrap around care $55.00


School Age Rates  Private Pay Subsidy
After School Registration Fee $25.00  $25.00
After School $69.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $0.00 per week
Full Day (in addition to $60/week) $16.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $1.40 per day
Early Release Day (in addition to $60/week) $8.20 This amount is over and above the weekly AFSC fee
Drop-In Full Day $27.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $14.65 per day
Drop-In Early Release Day $19.20 Daily parent fee


Summer Camp Private Pay Subsidy
Registration Fee $50.00 $50.00
Summer Camp/Full Week $150.00 Additional cost to parent fee: $10.00 per week
We offer a $5.00 discount to private pay parents on a second full time child enrolled in the program.

Staff-Child Ratios

Eliada follows the enhanced staff-child ratios and maximum group sizes.

Age Ratio Staff/Children Maximum Group Size
0 – 12 months 1 – 4 8
1 – 2 years 1 – 5 10
2 – 3 years 1 – 8 16
3 – 4 years 1 – 9 18
4 – 5 years 1 – 12 24
5 – 6 years 1 – 14 25
6 years and older 1 – 19 25
NC Pre-K 1 – 9 18