Register for After School & Summer Camp

After School

Eliada has After School programming on our campus.

School Age Rates Private PaySubsidy
After School Registration Fee$25.00 $25.00
After School$75.00Additional cost to parent fee: $0.00 per week
Full Day (in addition to $75/week)$16.00No additional cost
Early Release Day (in addition to $75/week)$8.25This amount is over and above the weekly AFSC fee
Drop-In Full Day$31.00No additional cost
Drop-In Early Release Day$23.25Daily parent fee

To learn more about this program, contact Tammy Scott or Tonia Reed:


(828) 254-5356 Ext. 368

Summer Camp

Eliada offers summer camp programming on our campus to combat summer learning loss. Children and youth take advantage of Eliada’s pool, hiking trails, field sports, play grounds, and go on field trips in the community.

Summer CampPrivate PaySubsidy
Registration Fee$50.00$50.00
Summer Camp/Full Week$165.00Additional cost to parent fee: $18.00 per week
Junior Volunteer$50.00$50.00

To learn more about this program, contact Tammy Scott:

(828) 254-5356 Ext. 368

Eligibility/priority is determined by Eliada. First priority is given to unserved children, followed by underserved children.

We offer a $5.00 discount to private pay parents on a second full time child enrolled in the program.

Staff-Child Ratios

Eliada follows the enhanced staff-child ratios and maximum group sizes.

AgeRatio Staff/ChildrenMaximum Group Size
5 – 6 years1 – 1425
6 years and older1 – 1925

Accredited by NAEYC