Outdoor Recreation & Creative Arts

Jon Hall (41)

Outdoor Recreation

Eliada offers opportunities to play football, basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer and tennis. 

Athletics are an important way for young people to learn team building, cooperation, and the importance of goal achievement. Through participation in the Recreation program, students are able to learn hard work, determination, courage, teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship. They are able to improve upon important social skills such as making friendships and establishing healthy lifestyle habits.

An emphasis on character development is also a strong focus of recreation activities. Lessons on character traits are taught hand in hand with the fundamentals of the sport. For instance, honesty is discussed when teaching golfers to keep score; sportsmanship lessons are focused on throughout practice sessions and competitions; perseverance is learned through working hard each week to improve upon team achievement.

Adventure Recreation

Eliada offers students opportunities to participate in water sports like rafting and kayaking, ropes courses, camping, hiking, rock climbing and more.

Creative Arts

Eliada offers clubs for students interested in creative writing, poetry, theater, improv, visual art, and anime.