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Eliada has deep agricultural roots, having once been a working farm in the early and mid-1900’s. Today, Eliada’s Campus Farm program  provide food and educational opportunities for our 400 students and residents 365 days of the year. The farm currently consists of three growing facilities; a geodesic Grow Dome, a hoophouse, and a market garden. Between the three facilities, our farm program is equipped to grow year-round. Produce from the farm goes directly to Eliada’s kitchen where it is used to create nutritional, fresh meals for the students served on campus. A portion of the Market Garden is also dedicated to a therapeutic tea garden where we grow herbs youths help bag and drink as a self-soothing ritual.

Agricultural Education

Our Farm Manager collaborates with Eliada’s teachers in our Academy to incorporate the Farm into the program curriculum as part of a structured agriscience class. Class sessions address a variety of agricultural topics including: gardening, conservation, farm ecology, irrigation, and pest control. Students utilize all of our growing spaces and gardens to learn about sustainable farming and to get hands-on experience. Our farm and gardening program equips youth with knowledge on gardening, and nutrition while improving health outcomes, self-efficacy, and pro-social skills, all leading to increased resiliency. Students are able obtain school credit through our high-school aged classes.

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Come join us on our campus for a small group guided walking farm tour! Learn about our history, as well as greenhouse growing practices, aquaponics, hydroponics, market gardening, corn maze production and more!

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