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What is Foster Care?

Eliada’s foster care programs promote permanent family living arrangements for children through reunification, guardianship, and adoption. Children who we serve are 0-21 years old.

Eliada’s programs include Family Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care, Respite Care, and Adoption.

There are not enough foster homes for children who, for various reason, need to be taken out of their homes.

We do, though, have enough good people that either have or know someone that has an extra bed in our community.

Become a Foster Parent

Interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent? Reach out to our Foster Parent Recruiter:

Who Are Our Foster Parents?

Eliada’s Foster Care Parents come from all walks of life! We have single parent homes and two parent homes.  We have grandparents who become foster parents bringing success to a new generation of children. We have people who have never had children but feel a deep commitment to working with them. Our parents provide that genuine love and support that our foster children are in need of! Learn more about becoming a foster parent:

The Benefits of Foster Care

Our families model and teach children rational skills and problem solving; all within a strength-based environment.
Eliada’s foster families have assigned family consultants who ensure the families and youth have what’s needed to succeed.
Eliada’s programs promote permanent family living arrangements for children through: reunification, guardianship, independent living, and adoption.

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