Child Development

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Child Care and Pre-K Classrooms

Infants: Newborns to 12 Months

Utilizing our extensive training in infant development, we interact, read, and play with your baby to stimulate his or her growth. This is the most critical period of formation—when your child is learning how to observe, experiment, grasp, roll, crawl, pull, sit up, and take their first step. Our supportive staff will document every milestone for you. Our classrooms are filled with toys that fit your infant’s motor skill capabilities, help with hand-eye coordination, and challenge them to develop new skills.

We require all our staff to receive their North Carolina Early Childhood Credential (NCECC) and to be certified in CPR, First Aid, Meds Administrative and SIDS training every year.

The Terrific Toddlers: 12 to 23 Months

In the Toddler class, we explore a different theme every week and base our lesson plans around that particular theme. These lessons focus on developing social skills, physical development, cognitive and language skills. Each theme includes a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, music and movement, story time, sand and water play, and outside time.

Each child has his or her own journal and teachers use these to record observations, document milestones, and assess your child’s development.

In this year, your child will master walking/running, they will transition from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on a cot, from eating with their hands to using a spoon, and from drinking with a bottle to holding a sippy cup. Your child will also begin to verbally express needs and wants, likes and dislikes.

Growing With the Twos

At Eliada, the two year old classroom provides the stepping stones to pre-school. We work diligently to set a flexible routine, encourage self help skills, and promote curiosity about the world they live in. All children are encouraged to participate in a daily circle time, as well as play independently in centers. From the block center to science center, we encourage all interests!

To assist children in becoming more verbal and communicate we encourage sign language along with using verbal cues to express their wants and needs. We also include Spanish vocabulary in our everyday group time along with signing and English. Potty training is a large part of the two year old classroom, and we work with parents to provide a fruitful and positive experience.

We also document daily anecdotal observations of our children, and keep all notes in each child’s personal journal to track every milestone!

The Threes: A Fun Educational Experience!

The students in the three-year-old classroom are engulfed with knowledge through play, small group, and large group activities. They have daily opportunities to explore and learn inside and outside the classroom. Guided by the “early learning standards for North Carolina preschoolers” and creative curriculum, teachers provide weekly themes that are jam packed with educational activities to promote growth in: language, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

The weekly themes are guided by the interests of the students which keeps them engaged and excited about learning!

We provide daily “sunshine reports”, monthly newsletters, bi-monthly individual goals, and daily face-to-face communication. Parents are always welcome to come and spend some classroom time with their child or volunteer their time or talents in teaching weekly themes.

NC Pre-K Program: Kindergarten Readiness

The NC Pre-K Program (formerly More at Four) is FREE to families who qualify through Buncombe County Smart Start. It is community-based, voluntary, and designed to prepare 4-year-olds for success in school. Our hours of operation are 7:30-2:00, Monday through Friday. The Program runs from August to May. “Wrap-around care” is available from 2:00-5:30 for an additional fee.

Within the NC Pre-K Program, teachers are North Carolina licensed professionals. Emphasis is placed on the positive growth of the cognitive, physical, and social and emotional aspects our children. We focus on each student’s strengths, and the individual creativity of every child is honored and promoted throughout the learning experience. Family diversity, culture and language are respected as we offer a variety of learning experiences within the classroom.

A day in the life of a NC Pre-K student includes: breakfast, lunch and snack; play and exploration of materials in learning centers; brief whole group meetings; hands-on small group activities; and nap/quiet time. Both indoor and outdoor environments are utilized to build: self-confidence; daily routines; pro-social behaviors; and cognitive, language, and physical development.

Eligibility/priority is determined by Eliada. First priority is given to unserved children, followed by underserved children.

Staff-Child Ratios

0-12 Months
1-2 Years
2-3 Years
3-4 Years
4-5 Years
Ratio (Staff-Children)
Maximum Group Size

At Eliada, we strive to offer affordable daycare, after-school, and summer camp opportunities for working families. We accept Buncombe County vouchers, and give parents much more than even the most expensive private facilities. Buncombe County Subsidy does not cover the full rate of care so there is an additional monthly fee for some of the age groups.

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5 STAR license by NC Dept. of Health & Human Resources Division of Child Development